The ultimative performance boost for League of Legends with WINE

Hello Unixusers,

today I tested a new idea from my point to get more FPS out of League of Legends. The useage of this is very easy, so give it a try. I tested it with a GeForce GTS 250 and a HD 6850 and get a increasement from 10-15 FPS. Actually I play with the GTS 250 with all deatils on high, VSync and Shadows are off and I get round about 45-50 FPS! Even in teamfights, so League of Legends is gonna be absolutely playable with WINE.

Try the following:

1. Start a game in League of Legends. For the first test, a test game at all would be better.

2. Once, the game is started of loading, switch out and open up a terminal. Type in the following statement:

ps ax | grep League

This will show you all running processes with the name “League” in it. The output should be something like:

20193 pts/2    Sl+   29:30 Game\League of Legends.exe 8390 lol.launcher.exe Air\LOLClient.exe

The first number is the PID, the number of the prozess at your system. This process above by the way is the running League of Legends Game Instance. In your case the number would differently … take this number, we need it in the following process.

3. In your console type in the following:

taskset -p 1 200193

Don’t forget to change the “200193” to your PID of the running game instance.

That’s it! After that the Game should be much better to play. The only thing this will do is to set the process to one CPU Core. I actually don’t know why this is needed to get this big increase but at all, I got one from 25 FPS to 45 FPS … wonderful, now it’s time to play League of Legends without Windows at all 😉




PS: Don’t forget to combine this with the first improvement steps, like in this post:


12 thoughts on “The ultimative performance boost for League of Legends with WINE

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    1. Hi,

      that’s kinda little bit tricky, but there are some “Tips” I could give you:

      1. Let one program (for e. g. your File Explorer (Nautilus / Dolphin), a terminal session or something like that) opened in the background. Otherwise I know, that a “Tab out” is not possible.
      2. Or you just easily use your second Desktop? In GNOME you can switch with STRG+ALT+ between the workspaces / Desktops. means the arrow keys on your keyboard. In KDE you can switch with STRG+F1 (for Desktop 1), STRG+F2 (for Desktop 2) and so on …


    1. Hi Arphetic,

      you have to do this after every started game of League of Legends. Actually there is no permanent solution available, as far as I know.

      If I found a way to make it permanent, I will write this here on my blog.


  1. Mal so ein Wenig offtopic:
    Die Idee ist wirklich genial – lässt sich sogar mit Erfolg auf andere Spiele wie z.B Counter-Strike:Source übertragen.
    Einfach anwenden und BOOM -> 20-30 FPS mehr. Das ist schon ein gewaltiger Boost.

    Weiter so 🙂


  2. Is there any way to do this in windows 7 aswell? Because Im having some srs FPS issues with league of legends and this just sounds sweet. Thanks in advance.

    1. I don’t think, that this is possible …

      But anyway, you can try to start a match, then open your task manager, search for the process and make a right click on it and then set the priority to the highest level.

      Also you can set the CPU affiliation to only one core and try to get more performance out then …

  3. I wrote a script to simplify this process! It simply searches for “LolClient.exe” and sets that PID to core 1 automatically (while telling you that it does so). Feel free to try it out, put it in a file named “” (or whatever really) and mark it as executable, then run it in the terminal after you started a game.

      1. Simply because I never worked with bash 😛 also didnt know of the pidof command! Although, there will actually be two processes running with LolClient.exe, will this script still work?

        (also when I started writing it I tried to just search for LoLClient.exe, but didnt find it, too me a while to realize the second L should be lowercase XD and when I did I had finished it already anyway)

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