winelol 1.3.19 released

For german translation scroll down …

Greetings Summoners,

today, I have the release of winelol 1.3.19 for you. This version contains the actually development release of WINE and the ole patch for the League of Legends Patcher.

This release is gonna be shipped with launchpad, so you have to go to this homepage to get your release:

After you added the PPA to your repositorys you can easily do

sudo apt-get install winelol

To get the actually winelol version. Future versions will also be shipped over launchpad and can be easily upgraded with apt or synaptic.

Please note, that Riot released a new patcher, which actually does not work with WINE. A solution is already found and can be grabbed at the official League of Legends forums. For more informations look at his post here at my blog:

Also, I pleasure you to look at the improvements tips to get the best performance out of League of Legends with WINE:


German translation:

Grüße Beschwörer,

heute habe ich den Release von winelol 1.3.19 für euch. Diese Version enthält die aktuelle WINE Entwicklerversion 1.3.19 und den ole patch für den League of Legends Patcher.

Dieser Release wird über Launchpad verteilt, d. h. ihr müsst auf diese Hompage besuchen um die aktuelle Version zu erhalten:

Nachdem ihr das PPA zu euren Paketquellen hinzugefügt habt, könnt ihr mit dem Befehl

sudo apt-get install winelol

ganz einfach die aktuelle winelol Version herunterladen. Zukünftige Versionen werden ebenfalls über Launchpad verteilt und können außerdem einfach mit apt oder Synaptic geupdatet werden.

Bitte beachtet, dass Riot einen neuen Patcher verwendet / veröffentlicht hat und dieser aktuell nicht mit WINE funktioniert. Eine Lösung hierfür ist jedoch bereits vorhanden und kann im offiziellen League of Legends Forum gefunden werden. Für weitere Informationen beachtet meinen Post hier auf meinem Blog:

Außerdem bitte ich euch die Tipps zur Verbesserung der Performance zu beachten um das Beste aus der Kombination WINE / League of Legends herauszuholen:



24 thoughts on “winelol 1.3.19 released

  1. moin moin
    ich bin es nochmal, ich konnte endlich das fglrx problem lösen 🙂 da du im skype nie da bist, ab wohl eher im ICQ, würde es mich freuen wenn ich dich per ICQ kurz kontaktieren könnte.

    grüsse aus der schweiz

  2. Hi super Sache. Leider scheinen die Symlinks bei mir nicht zu funktionieren. Wenn ich in der Konsole folgendes eingebe: “winelol LeagueofLegends.exe” kommt immer “could not open”

    Ich habe die LeagueofLegends.exe nach “/opt/winelol/bin/wine” kopiert und mit folgenden Befehl erfolgreich gestartet: “/opt/winelol/bin/wine LeagueofLegends.exe”

    terror@lubuntu:/opt/winelol/bin$ /opt/winelol/bin/wine LeagueofLegends.exe

    Jetzt wird das Spiel selber runtergeladen. Ich benutzte lubuntu und es ist gestern neu installiert. Liegt das dadran? Eventuell die Pakete vorher selber unter einen frisch installieren System testen.

    • Hi terror,

      das Problem mit dem Symlinks lässt sich nicht ändern und ich werde dieses auch mit den kommenden Versionen entfernen.

      Mach es dir einfach und starte das ganze wie folgt: /opt/winelol/bin/wine /pfad/zur/LeagueofLegends.exe

      Natürlich musst du das “/pfad/zur/” entsprechend deiner Bedürfnisse anpassen, dann musst du auch nichts hin und her kopieren.


  3. I still unfortunately am not able to play. ): With the winelol package, running wineloldeps, installing League of Legends, and then applying the patched launcher, it just gives me a white box of the launcher screen and closes.

    • Hi kadafy,

      this is a problem with the new patcher. I’ve posted a way of solution to get League of Legends with the new patcher running in WINE. But at all we can only hope, that it will be possible in the future to get the game completely running again.


  4. Hello dear Unixblogger,

    Thanks you a lot for your work !

    I still have a probleme when I lauch the lol.launcher.exe

    err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x543450 "?" wait timed out in thread 010c, blocked by 0025, retrying (60 sec)

    I use

    deb maverick main
    deb-src maverick main

    winelol --version

    (So I don’t know if is x86 or x64, but i use x86 Ubuntu)

    Best regards,

    • Hi ArrowBaZ,

      with the command “arch” in the terminal you will see your architecture. Anyway, I build the packages for both plattforms.

      The error message(s) you described is actually the problem with the new patcher. There are a few ways of getting LoL running again, but it is very unstable at all …

      So, we have to wait for the future, if League of Legends become able to be played again with WINE or Linux / Unix.


  5. Great work! I got one question though, should I remove the original wine before installing winelol or is the problem with WINEPREFIX solved.

  6. Hello unixblogger,
    I nerver tried to play LoL since last night, when the new patch came out, so it is likely I am doing something wrong in the configuration.
    I am trying to use winelol with the ACE client, with their last patch (3.6, that came out yesterday), I can launch the game and navigate in the menu, choose my hero and so on, but when I should see the loading page, a crash occur.
    here is the error in wine:

    wine: Call from 0x7b839242 to unimplemented function
    wine: Unimplemented function
    called at address 0x7b839242 (thread 004e), starting debugger...
    Unhandled exception: unimplemented function
    called in 32-bit code (0x7b839242).

    Do you have any idea why this crash could occur?
    Thank you,

    • Hi lmao_0,

      that’s a little bit tricky.

      Actually ACE ist the only way to get League of Legends working again with WINE. So for me, it looks a little bit like that you have not installed vcrun2005. Additionally you can try it with wininet!


      • Ok I made it work, as you noticed I missed some installation simply done by launching wineloldeps.
        If I may suggest you could remind people on this post that they have to launch this one, in case people didn’t read the 1.3.17 release post (as it was my case).

        Big thanks for your great work!


      • After a few games I confirm it just worked well, except for one thing: when I want to access yje store the client crashes.
        wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x00000000 at address 0x143a6e32 (thread 002d), starting debugger…
        Has anyone encounter the same problem?
        Thank You,

  7. Hi,
    Im just install ubuntu natty, this what im doing :
    1. install wine 1.3.20
    2. install winetricks
    3. install winetricks d3dx vcrun2005 ie6
    4. install winelol

    tell me what should i do?

    suggestion, you need post how to play league of legends on linux from zero start. it so much usefull for newbie like i do.


  8. Ich bekomm das irrgendwie net hin
    wäre nett wenn du mich mal in skype adden würdes um mir das genauer zu erklären

  9. Ich habe immer das Problem, dass bei der Insterllation nach dem ie6 das kommt: “ie6 install completed, but installed file /home/templar/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Programme/Internet Explorer/iedetect.dll not found” 😦
    Kennt da jemand eine Lösung?

  10. Hey,

    thank you for your help, i DLEd the packages (sudo apt-get install winelol)
    i did your command : “/opt/winelol/bin/wine lol.launcher.exe”
    It launch IE6 with 404 error on http://RegServer
    i did again the command and i have this : “wine: cannot find L”C:\\windows\\system32\\lol.launcher.exe””

    Thank you !

  11. Hello 🙂
    When I’m running wineloldeps, the link for ie6 is broken. What should I do to install it in winelol?

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