Hello readers,

I’m a german Linux and Gaming geek and even if my main language is german, I’m writeing mainly in english.

My main topics (as you can imagine) are Linux and Gaming. This will include everything that has to do with it. So even WINE, Gamepads and such things will be thematised here. My main goal is to make quality posts.

The reason why I started this blog lays down a few years back. I decided to start blogging at this time, because I wanted to explain how to get some games running with WINE. At the beginning I wanted to keep the tutorials short and simple so that I would be able to post them on the official WINE HQ AppDB. But for some games patches for WINE were needed and so the tutorials has grown in complexity and length.
While writeing this tutorials I discovered that I had actually a lot of fun writeting stuff and so this whole blog started … and never ended so far 😉

Now, round about 5 years later, I want to make more posts with valuable content as I did the years before. And because valuable content needs feedback you’re welcome to do so.

That’s all for now. I wish you some good times and happy reading! 🙂