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winelol 1.3.25 released

For German translation, scroll down Greetings Summoners, few weeks are now gone since the last update, but today I’m happy to say, that winelol 1.3.25 ist out. I readed in some blogs and webplattforms, that some users can’t connect to… Continue Reading →

winelol 1.3.19 released

For german translation scroll down … Greetings Summoners, today, I have the release of winelol 1.3.19 for you. This version contains the actually development release of WINE and the ole patch for the League of Legends Patcher. This release is… Continue Reading →

League of Legends WINE Patcher problem solved

For german translation scroll down! Greetings Summoners, the problem with the patcher and WINE is solved now, there is a temporarily solution, which can be found here: http://eu.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=188568&highlight=linux You have to easily download the file and overwrite your actually patcher with… Continue Reading →

New League of Legends Patcher / Launcher brokes WINE Support

For german translation scroll down! Greetings Unix Summoners, Riot (the company behindes League of Legends) released a new patch 2 or 3 days ago whit a complete new patcher / launcher for League of Legends. This launcher should be the… Continue Reading →

WINE League of Legends Package 1.3.17 released

Greetings Summoners, today I have the new WINE 1.3.17 with the ole patch for playing League of Legends for you. What new with this version? – All known improvements which are also available with the “normal” WINE. This things can… Continue Reading →

Crysis 2 under Linux with WINE

Hello Blog Readers, at first, no it is not a April joke! Crysis 2 is really running under WINE and at all with acceptable framerate. Before I will begin with the How To, I have to say, that there are… Continue Reading →

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