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[Review] Vortex.gg: An affordable game streaming service

CAUTION: This test has been made in early 2018 with a > 100k internet connection. Sadly I’m unable to test Vortex anymore because I moved to a different place with a much lesser internet bandwidth. A lot of other users… Continue Reading →

How to watch Twitch, YouTube and others with VLC

If you’re a person like me, you may have also a problem with Flash based streams. Flash is and always has been a resource hungry monster with a lot of security issues. The problem is that a lot of streaming… Continue Reading →

SSH as a proxy on Windows, Mac or Linux

You can do a lot of things with SSH besides working securely remote on machines. I’ve already covered at another article how to tunnel (port forwarding) through SSH. This time we’re looking at a way to use SSH as a… Continue Reading →

Setup a TeamSpeak 3 Server on Linux (Ubuntu / Debian)

This article is about how to setup a TeamSpeak 3 server on your Linux box. Thanks to the TeamSpeak 3 developers, this process is rather easy and you should have a running TeamSpeak 3 server within minutes. Error: Your Requested… Continue Reading →

HowTo setup a Counter Strike: Global Offensive Server on Linux

A lot of people who are running a rented Linux (v)Server are interested in creating a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server. Creating a CSGO server under Linux is rather easy, Valve really did their homework here. The following short tutorial will give… Continue Reading →

Post Script for OpenVPN clients

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