Greetings everbody,

do you know about the small program Cockatrice? Well, you can play the good old “Magic The Gathering” with it … for free.

It supports Network play and you’ll also be able to create you own decks with the latest editions which are available on the market. There is no AI or automatic rule management (like in the original MTGO Client) available, but it’s more than enough if you want to try new decks or if you just want to play some games with your friends.

Actually there is know Linux binary and, or DEB / RPM package to download, so you have to build it from the source. But if you use Linux Mint or Ubuntu (or the derivates) you’ll be able to use the following PPA:

This PPA is mainted by myself and you’re welcome to use it. To easily install Cockatrice under Ubuntu or Linux Mint, do the following in a terminal session:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:s-elser/cockatrice
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cockatrice

Than you have to wait a little bit and you’re ready to start cockatrice.

Even if the version number (20120702) looks “old” it isn’t at all. This version is the latest stable version released from the Cockatrice devs. If there is gonna be a new version out there, I will be uploading it into the PPA as fast as possible 🙂