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Prevent / Block package updates under Ubuntu / Debian

Did you know that you can block package updates under Ubuntu and Debian? Let’s say you have a lot of packages installed on your Ubuntu / Debian system and (for whatever reason) you want that specific packages aren’t getting updated… Continue Reading →

My top 3 upcoming Switch exclusive games in 2018

I don’t know how you feel about the Nintendo Switch. For me the Nintendo Switch is a console which is unique and different. If you put all three big players on the table (XBox One, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch)… Continue Reading →

ownCloud/nextCloud collaboration with EtherPad and EtherCalc

Besides Collabora Office there is an easy but reliable way to enable collaboration editing of text and spreadsheet files in ownCloud or nextCloud (just like in proprietary solutions like Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive). This article describes how to install… Continue Reading →

[Review] Vortex.gg: An affordable game streaming service

CAUTION: This test has been made in early 2018 with a > 100k internet connection. Sadly I’m unable to test Vortex anymore because I moved to a different place with a much lesser internet bandwidth. A lot of other users… Continue Reading →

Happy new year 2018

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How to watch Twitch, YouTube and others with VLC

If you’re a person like me, you may have also a problem with Flash based streams. Flash is and always has been a resource hungry monster with a lot of security issues. The problem is that a lot of streaming… Continue Reading →

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